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Tights Guide from How to Wow

By Madame Fogal

Women are the priestesses of enchantment and have every right to radiate in their profession wherever they go, be it on the catwalk, in the office, or during exciting cocktail hours. Fogal are their accomplices and have studied their secrets and handed them on for over 90 years.

And this is why Madame Fogal comes in: a truly confident, modern woman who loves her legs and can be trusted blindly when the spirit of elegance is concerned.

The Fogal “Tights Guide – from How to Wow” joins Madame Fogal throughout the seasons, in all climates and at varying occasions, in order to benefit from her “leg insights”. Not only will she point to the best ways of wearing fine hosiery; she will provide you with a veritable script of femininity. After all, the key to the 'Wow!' lies in an accomplished mise-en-scène.

Whenever the magic of the feminine sine curve is concerned, Madame Fogal will be there to reveal how to electrify the air with your presence.

Summer Time - Hold Up Time

By Madame Fogal

On hot days, while the rest of the world is losing its cool, a neat and tidy appearance is of paramount importance to the elegant woman. Once the thermometer passes 30 degrees, Madame Fogal skips the Tights and embraces Hold-Ups: strapless hosiery.

Advice: Hold-Ups fit perfectly, if you place the elastic border by a hand’s width below the top of the tights. Refrain from using body lotion on the upper leg. By the way, as for Hold-Ups, Madame Fogal opts for a size smaller from her regular size.

Recommendation: Catwalk (10 denier): delicate and almost invisible finish for business. Netlace made from breathable micro-mesh for an outstanding appearance. Caresse (black) with a floral lace band for an evening rendezvous.

Subtle Patterns: A Statement

By Madame Fogal

What is the secret of expressing personal taste at work without turning the office into a catwalk?

The beauty of nature never fails to inspire Madame Fogal. Her patterned hosiery echoes the ways and means of natural creatures, our masters in subdued elegance since the beginning of time. Worn with sophistication, patterned hosiery makes your legs look longer. Madame Fogal chooses small arrangements such as diamond-patterns and fine ribbed finishes. Fantasy hosiery is the most sensuous. She recommends a tone-in-tone look for larger patterns.

Advice: To test the effectiveness of patterned hosiery, begin with an understated dot pattern in taupe for a subtle, yet unabashedly flirty statement.

Recommendation: Pois (15 denier): a graceful and elegant look for any occasion. Claudia a classic ‘Pepita Houndstooth’ for everyday or buisnesswear. Nepal a luxurious fine rib tight for colder days with a wool, silk & cashmere content.

Shades of Colour: Semi Opaque

By Madame Fogal

“Sfumato” is the term given to Leonardo da Vinci’s mastery of soft contours and shadows tinged with colourful incandescence. When the leaves start to change colour and first fog rises in the morning light, Madame Fogal swaps her light hosiery for Leonardo’s alluring sfumato: preferably transparent, semi-opaque knits (30 denier) in muted tones.

Madame Fogal is always in favour of sophisticated simplicity, such as matching hosiery with a plain shift dress. It flatters her silhouette and coplements her contours. Fogal’s palette of tulipe noir, plum, barolo, brasil, loden and midnight provides interesting shades that reflect her wardrobe’s change of colour.

Advice: Start off with darker shades. Enjoy the complements and once you have the confidence, try out bolder colours. Shoes in classic black and brown and a matching handbag are suitable accessories for darker tones

Recommendation: Opaque (30 Denier) an unbeatable best seller available in a wide variety of amazing colours. Lumiere (20 Denier) made with a high percentage of silk to grace your legs with elegance and giving a naural silky sheen. Available in the classic Black and a bold Barolo!

A Woman's Best Friend

By Madame Fogal

Cocktail hours and parties are pleasant events which tend to be enjoyed in a standing position. All the more reason, feels MADAME FOGAL, to pay particular care to your legs. At a gathering over cocktails, it’s the little black dress which generally receives all the attention. MADAME FOGAL harnesses the understatement of the feminine classic to show off her legs. Whether it’s a subtle fishnet or seam, glamorous details, sparkling crystal features or a metallic shimmer effect, a confident appearance is guaranteed if you are wearing distinctive hosiery. Bold leg statements are especially welcome at parties.

Advice: Think filigree lace in black or skin tones, depending on the colour of your dress. In case of colour blocking and Pucci-style fashion, MADAME FOGAL chooses the right tone from an extensive palette of single-colour hosiery.

Recommendation: Those who prefer smooth single-colour hosiery should try Fogal GOLDENLINE for a subtle style update: A gold crystal filament in place of the seam generates maximum effect for minimum effort.

Subtle Seduction

By Madame Fogal

It is the secret of a seductive woman that she flusters and excites simultaneously. Madame Fogal prefers to appeal to the powers of fantasy. Skin tone stockings conceal the leg, while a vertical pattern creates an alluring effect by emphasizing the contours. The most stimulating fancy is aroused by stockings with suspenders: delicious guess-work, made for men’s seventh sense. Stockings are a facile envelope for female legs and the very epitome of sensuality. They act not only for the benefit of others: wearing suspenders lets a woman feel the full extent of her femininity.

Advice: A pencil skirt couples elegance and irresistibility, revealing the erotic mystery of pantyhose such as Catwalk when sitting.

Recommendation: Catwalk Stockings (10 denier) a unique natural look with powder-like softness, a bare leg look finish! Velour Opaque (50 denier) a fine matte look made of the softest microfibre.

Make-up for your legs

By Madame Fogal

When temperatures soar, legs breathe a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, in the interest of a perfect impression, bare legs are no option in business. Slight blemishes and individual flaws disappear under an ultra-light veil, acting like make-up for female legs. MADAME FOGAL recommends hosiery with a low denier count, one shade lighter than the personal skin tone.

Specially trained sales staff are more than happy to help you identify the right shade for you. The most reliable method is the consultation of our sample swatches, which are best tested over the skin back of your hand. The skin tone is invisible when choosing 8 to 10 denier matte hosiery. Fine hosiery with a low denier count should be handled with special care using fabric gloves. If a ladder happens to creep in, you can fix it in place with nail varnish or a generous application of hairspray.

Advice: Hosiery in light, creamy tones paired with a suit jacket and skirt or dress will make you look stylish and elegant at outdoor formal occasions in the spirit of Coco Chanel and the Great Gatsby.

Shades of Colour - Sheer

By Madame Fogal

Spring appears in all its splendour, the air is fragrant and fresh and MADAME FOGAL is of a mind to perk up her wardrobe. Thus, she makes the best of her untanned legs, listens to the call of nature and swaps her black winter hosiery for a hint of colour in perfect transparency. Instead of opting for nude tones, MADAME FOGAL wraps her legs in sheer shades of brown and grey. Her favourite colour is TAUPE, a subtle melange of hues with a lively, extremely delicate tinge of rosé. TAUPE is suitable for all skin types, flatters both lighter and darker outfits while radiating perfection and elegance: A sublime signal of femininity.

Advice: Feel the inside of the shoe before slipping it on. Insufficiently finished seams can be found in the best of brands. If there is cause for alarm, invisible socks, such as Fogal STEPS or ETE, will protect the foot-bed.

Recommendation: Caresse Tights (20 denier) A true classic of Fogal made from a luxurious twist yarn in a wide selection of beautiful subtle colours. Catwalk Stay-Ups (10 denier) A unique natural look, powder-like softness with a bare leg look finish.